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Bharatiya Academy School
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Director Message

I have been with Bharatiya Academy since last 14 years, aiming at the over all development and nurturing the child in a natural and eco friendly environment, empowering every student and building one’s understanding forms and integral part of the school system. With this I wish that bharatiya academy ‘parivar’ flourish and spread over the new can notations and spanning wider dimensions. God Bless all!
Principal Message

THE Bharatiya Academy is founded to provide quality education to ensure all round development of the child including a robust physique and strong moral values to enable them to achieve success in all fields of their life and transform them to be a sought after member of the society and the nation. We believe in maxim "The child is no longer coming to school to be informed but to be transformed" Always stress is laid on Dignity of labour, preservation of eco-system, honesty, integrity, respect of life and time, national spirit & national integration.


  • Nur. to UKG
  • December Colouring
  • January Story Telling
  • 1st to 5th
  • December Christmas and New Year Card Competition
  • January Badminton,TT,Carom Board Competition
  • 6th to 12th
  • December Badminton,TT,Carom Board Competition
  • January Yoga and PT


    Board Exam 2019
  • High School Feb-Mar 2019
  • Intermediate Feb-Mar 2019
    Class 10th Topper with 10 CGPA (2017).
  • Anu Singh
  • Princi
  • Kushi Tyagi
  • Ishant Chaudhary
  • Shivank Salar
Day Quotes :
The only real object of education is to have a person in condition of continually asking questions.
Class 10th Topper With 10 CGPA at Year 2017-18
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