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  Admission Rules  
  • Students are admitted at the beginning of the Academic Session. Admissions are made only against vacancies, on the basis of mental ability test and verbal interaction,judging the child on various parameters. The child is admitted at the Entry level (Pre-School) through "Draw of Lots".
  • The admission committee, acting through the Principal, reserves the right of refusing the admission to a student who is deemed unsatisfactory. In such case the Principal is not bound to give reason for the same.
  • The School Management, acting through the Principal, will request the withdrawal of a pupil who fails for two consecutive years in the same class.
  • Students who seek admission after having studied in another school will have to produce the following :
    • The Leaving/Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
    • The report of Progress and Co-curricular activities in that school.
    • The original Birth Certificate.
  • No change in the date of birth of the student will be permitted once the student is admitted.
  Withdrawal Rules  
  • For withdrawal of a student from the school during the session, Parent should give at least a month's notice with payment of full Annual Fee payable by the student otherwise, parents have to remit one quarter's Tuition Fee & Remaining Annual Fee payable by the student.
  • For withdrawal of a student from school bus facility one month's prior notice in writing should be submitted to the Principal in advance.
  • The students who apply for withdrawal by 10th of February will have to clear all the dues up to 31st March. They will be given T.C. along with REPORT CARD at the time of declaration of result.
  • Those who have applied for withdrawal; re-admission of their ward will be considered:
    • On the availability of seat in the respective class.
    • The child will be re-admitted on the payment of all dues as per new admission case.
  • All dues to the School should be paid in full and library books returned before applying for a Transfer Certificate.
  • A pupil may be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:
    • Disciplinary
    • Accumulation of Tuition and Bus Fee arrears
  • Security fee will be refunded to the parents of transferred student within three months from the date of issue of Transfer Certificate.
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