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  Q 1. What is admission procedure?  

Ans 1. The school academic year is from April to March.. The admission may be granted during other months also depending upon the availability of seats. A Birth Certificate as a proof of age from the Civic Body or a discharge certificate from hospital/nursing home stating the exact date of birth according to the English calender is required at the time of Admission along with two stamp sized photographs of the child.

  Q 2. What is the procedure for payment of fees?  

Ans 2. All school dues should be paid by cheque or draft in the name of "The Prathams". Fees are to be paid in advance in April for all 4 quaters through post dated cheques. For further information please contact to school.

  Q 3. Can I send the Fee cheques with my child?  

Ans 3. All financial transactions must be between the parents and the school office. No cheques or cash should be sent to school through children. Children are not allowed to bring any money to school.

  Q 4. When do I need to check my child's diary?  

Ans 4. Routine letters and notices will be sent regularly through the children's diaries. Parents are expected to check the diaries everyday and acknowledge such letters by counter signing them.

  Q 5. What should I do if I want a detailed discussion about my child with her teachers?  

Ans 5. In addition if you wish to discuss your child's progress in detail with any specific subject teacher, you may make an appointment through the class teacher at a time suitable to both of you. Teachers will be available in specified classrooms and you may discuss the progress of your child briefly during this meeting.

  Q 6. What should I do if my child is absent?  

Ans 6. If your child is absent for more than two days, please inform the school by phone or in writing about the reason of absence. You must also contact the class teacher for follow up of the work your child has missed. A doctor's certificate must be sent in when the child rejoins the school after extended illness.

  Q 7. Is there a uniform for children and is it compulsory?  

Ans 7. Yes, we do have uniform for all the grades and the frequency of wearing it differs from grade to grade. This uniform will be a part of student kit given at the time of admission. Uniform at school not only provides a sense of togetherness and equality among children but also gives them a neat and a well groomed look.

  Q 8. Do teachers at The Prathams communicate in English with children?  

Ans 8. For the first few days, we give more importance to kids getting adjusted to the new environment of school and so we do not hesitate in conversing with the child in a vernacular language, especially of toddler and nursery grade. Once the child gets used to school and the new environment he/she is in, English takes the place of vernacular language gradually. Thus, English becomes the mandatory mode of instruction in school, giving child a comfortable language learning experience.

  Q 9. How are children selected for admission?  

Ans 9. The school does not believe in putting children through a test for admissions.After receiving the application forms, the first list of children is put up through computerized random selection. A school visit is organised for the parents, to know more about the school. Based on the parents confirmation of admission, the second list is put up for the remaining seats.

  Q 10. After completing pre-primary, will my child get admission in your primary school directly?  

Ans 10. After completing pre-primary, the admission in Primary is confirmed. However, please note that there is a separate procedure which needs to be completed in time so that we know that you want to take admission.

  Q 11. Do you provide transportation facility?  

Ans 11. Yes, The school has own transportation vehicle. We provide the transportation facility for the students. And We also do connect the parents with the transport vendors and we also have a transport committee that monitors the vans and rickshaws.

  Q 12. How often do you conduct Parent-Teacher meetings?  

Ans 12. PTM’s are held on the last Saturday of every month. It is compulsory for at least one parent to attend. Parents can also meet the teachers personally during the month, but by prior appointment only.

  Q 13. What are Documents Required for Admission?  

Ans 13. The documents required at the time of registration are as given below:

  • A photocopy of the birth certificate as a proof of age.
  • Four passport sized photographsof the child.
  • Two passport sized photographs of each parent & One family photo graph.
  • Passport sized photographs of the persons authorised to pick-up or drop the child other than the parent.

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