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  Our Philosophy  

Our Philosophy

Education has been defined differently by different philosophers and social scientists. To Some, education is the formation of moral and ethical character. To others, it is a continuous Reconstruction of experiences. True education, according to Mahatma Gandhi, is that witch trains Not merely the head but also the heart and the hands. Swami Vivekanand sad that education is the Manifestation of the perfection already present in man.
These kaleidoscopic thoughts form amalgam for the ethos and clean of the Bharatiya Academy Being run under the aegis of Soni foundation Trust, Tanshipur, Roorkee.
School are of great concern of parents,ordinary citizens,administrators and educators of our country striving for ‘Education for All’.
We, the founder members of Bharatiya Academy are determined to make a humble contribution To the mission and are striving to set new standards of innovation and leaderdship in the field of education.
We strive to achieve this by working as a team of parents, teachers and the administrators of the School. We strive to achieve this by looking at education as a science managed through a highly professional group of devoted teachers,professional management and willing & interested parents.
We look at education not only to help individuals grow to be economically self-sustaining but prepare Them to be the citizens of tomorrow, who will ne responsive to understand their obligations to the state And the society. Striving for the best it’s the guiding culture in the school . Karmanyewadekarestu is Our motto. The spirit of Selfless Service is engrained in all.
The thought, that the student is not coming to the school for merely being ‘informed’but to be developed and ‘transformed’ into a first rate citizen of India, guides all actions & curriculum in Bharatiya Academy.
Students are encouraged to become self-learners where teachers serve as moderators. Teaching-learning approach is project based to ensure maximum involvement of each child.
It is tailor-made to the optimal learning speed, style and capability of each child. Student learn to respect all religions, develop healthy spiritual concepts and value systems for the upliftment of Indian Society. They learn, internalize and practice Dignity of Labour, preservation Of Eco-systems, Honesty & Integrity,Respect for life, National Spirit and National Integration.
Last but not the least, the Academy build each student’s profile, over the years, to recognize Their aptitudes, to provide guidance to them & their parents, to walk out paths for their higher Education & work life.

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