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  Sports & Games  

A healthy soul needs a healthy mind that fosters healthy thoughts and actions; which in turn needs a healthy body that makes a wholesome personality. Our concern about the physical development of the children is not hidden from anyone. Our students have proved that they are not only par excellence in academics but in sports too, they are the pace setters. To achieve this goal of promoting physical health of the students, we provide the students with lots of opportunities. Various outdoor & indoor games are made available to the children to channelize their energies and increase their stamina.


Special coaching of different games is being provided by the qualified teachers and coaches. Keeping up the tradition of standing victorious in the field of sports, our students have brought laurels to the school at the UT,State and National & International level competitions organised. Our School provides excellent coaching in sports like Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Karate, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming, Skating and Handball. Students have been placed at international, National & State level category due to their mastery of the game.

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